Irrigation Installation

One of the biggest mistakes that many homeowners make when it comes to irrigation installation in Auburn, Washington is to install their own irrigation valves. irrigation valves are very useful in helping to regulate the amount of water that you need to get your plants growing, and without them, your plants may end up suffering from too much or too little water. It is important to install an irrigation valve that is the correct size for your irrigation system, and which works reliably. It is also important to install these valves correctly, as a wet line valve that has incorrectly installed holes or bends can lead to inaccurate readings and inconsistent watering.

Another common irrigation installation mistake is to install the pipe for your system directly above the existing roof surface. The reason that you want to avoid doing this is because the water pressure in the pipes that are run overhead will often be much lower than the water supply that is available to your home. If you install your pipe below the surface of the earth, you will often find that your water pressure is far higher than you need, simply because you’re cutting down the amount of available ground water in the area that you’re installing your pipe. As well as causing you to use way more water than you’re actually planning to, this can make the overall maintenance of your irrigation system more expensive, because pipes placed in areas that are prone to damage will require more maintenance. One of the best ways to avoid having to deal with this problem is to find a good contractor who has experience installing pipes above the ground.

Sprinkler installation is another irrigation installation mistake that homeowners make. If you’re looking to conserve water when you’re using your system, it’s vital that you only water the plants that you want to grow. For example, if you have shrubs and plants that you want to grow, but you’re not going to be watering them very often, then you can simply hire a sprinkler installation company to do the watering for you. If you’re going to be watering your plants every day, it is recommended that you install a timer on your system, so that your watering schedule will be more reliable. It is also important to know what plants will be best suited to your climate, as different plants require different amounts of water. This means that you’ll need to talk to a professional about your plant needs before you ever install a sprinkler system in your home.

The biggest irrigation installation mistake that many homeowners make is failing to account for shade or light levels. In order for a sprinkler system to function properly, it must be able to water both the plants that it is spraying and the foliage on top of them. This requires the homeowner to either compensate for direct sunlight by watering their plants at the appropriate time or take steps to prevent direct sunlight from reaching the plants. Some examples of Shade Sensitive Plants are citrus trees, shrubs and trees that have high branches. If you are installing a drip irrigation system, it’s important to remember to water your shady plants as well.

A common irrigation installation error involves incorrectly placing the valves on the sprinkler heads. Often times, homeowners will place the valves too close to the power box. This often causes the valves to release more water than they should, since the water pressure from the supply line is higher than the water pressure coming through the sprinkler heads. Make sure that you install enough valve holes to accommodate the water pressure coming through the supply lines to the sprinkler heads.

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