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There are several methods to install a paver driveway; there’s the do-it-yourself method which consists of laying the paver driveway yourself, the do-it-yourself sanding and finishing and the professional-grade installation. In the do-it-yourself installation method, the contractor connects the first row of stones together using pressure-treated lumber. This first row of stones then needs to be paver-poured directly onto the asphalt underlayment. Then, after the final row of stones have been placed, the contractor cuts the paver driveway to the appropriate length, sand and finishes it. The professional-grade installation method uses a high-quality, properly installed, hand-ground, completely finished poured concrete material with a vapor retardant barrier.

Durability Pavers are not as durable as other driveway materials, such as concrete or asphalt. Still, they’re more durable than clay or rock chips, and they’re much less tractable than concrete. A qualified installation professional can check out the durability of your paver driveways and recommend the most durable, cost-effective models that also offer the best sound management and durability.

Sound Management Asphalt driveways require sealing to reduce sound transmission and condensation. Pavers, on the other hand, don’t require sealing like asphalt do, although some states do require certain sealants for paver driveway installation. For this reason, some contractors will suggest that you install a sound deadening membrane beneath your pavers in order to reduce noise transfer through the space. However, in most cases, the addition of a sealant is not necessary to effectively sound-proof your paver driveway installation.

Low Maintenance Costs Most homeowners understand that asphalt and paved driveways cost more to install than their concrete counterparts. For this reason, many choose to implement do-it-yourself projects like laying a new driveway themselves to cut down on initial costs. However, with proper preparation and quality installation, a paver driveway can be surprisingly low maintenance cost.

In terms of durability, it’s important to note that all paver driveways in Auburn, Washington, regardless of their shapes and sizes, are built to be stronger at the center and at the edge than the ends. For this reason, you should not experience any rubbing or sagging in your paver driveway joints when they begin to age. Asphalt and concrete joints tend to become weaker as they age, so most owners opt to avoid the installation of cracks in the first place. Proper installation of a strong and durable interlocking pavers come with a long term cost, though. For this reason, most homeowners prefer the longevity of a paver driveway, especially in areas prone to inclement weather.

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